Koroway is one of the isolated tribes living in Papua regions, the famous name of this peoples we called “the Tree house tribe”, that the tribe was explored by the first Missionary Gerrard Van Engk..

The Koroway always move from one place to another in order to be close to the foods and hunted animals proided by nature. Both Koroway and hunter and gatherer  who moved and build a new tree house once every 2 or 3 years. For this reasons we do not fix the place of our destination or what activities we do day by day.

Once we arrive in Yaniruma (starting point to see the Koroway tribe), our contact person will telling us up dated all the information in Koroway area including the peoples and their tree house or IF there is any Sago grub feast take the place while we are in the area. The Sago grub feast is the main ritual ceremony in Koroway tribe to re-new their world and relation with God/ Spirit among their own people in the clans of groups.

We will arrange our visit to the place where the feast take place and experience a lot of things from the peoples. During the feast, the host of the feast serve a lot of foods including the most delicacy Sago grubs to invited guests and every one will put on their best wear dancing. Traditional wear Koroway is very simple, men wear a piece of leave or small penis guard to cover their penis and women the skirt made of woven sago leaves.



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